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Better Beer for the Greater Good

About The Ex Novo Brewing Project

Brewing great beer blends art and science. We exist to blend fine craft beer with positive social change. Ex Novo means "from nothing" - or, as we like to say - "from scratch." We're doing this the grassroots way, building a 10-barrel, non-profit brewery from the ground up. That's right, we said non-profit. Don't get us wrong, we aren't opposed to making money. On the contrary, we want to make as much as we can, so we can give it away. We are committed to donating 100% of our net profits to organizations that are working to affect positive social change both in Portland and around the world. Incorporated in March 2013, we aim to open our doors in May 2014. Follow our story and plan to come by soon for a pint! Better beer for the greater good.



We just launched our crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo! It’s just like Kickstarter or any of the other crowdfunding hosting sites and works like this: you contribute a $ amount to our project and you can choose to select a perk. We have perks for everyone, from $5 to $4000 and don’t feel like you can […]

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Moving Along

Ian the Brewer started a week ago today and I have to say it’s really nice having someone else involved with the planning of this thing. We’ve got a ways to go before we’re brewing on our 10bbl system, so there’s a lot of research to do, phone calls to make and general starting-a-company stuff […]

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Location Location Location

This is a post I’ve hoped to write for some time, months and months. Ever since I came to the idea of Ex Novo and hatched the crazy idea for this brewery, one of the first, if not the first question I get from anyone I tell about it is: “Where’s it going to be”? […]

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Goodbye 2013!

You were a year of vision, excitement, doubt, planning, beer tasting, fundraising, and hard work. For me personally it was an amazing year: my daughter was born, I officially stepped away from engineering to pursue this dream, my wife finished grad school, the Pirates made the playoffs… Lots of hard work still to come, but […]

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2013 Board of Directors

Ex Novo Brew - Joel Gregory

Joel Gregory


Joel hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico, where most of his family still resides. He studied electrical engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. After moving to Portland in 2008, he found his passions pulling him away from the engineering field. A long-time home brewer with a keen interest in human rights issues, Joel soon hatched an idea that married his love for brewing and his heart for social justice. Water, barley, yeast, and hops could be turned into beer easily enough. What if that beer could be turned into hope for those that may have none? And, thus, Ex Novo was born, blending art, science, and business. Joel lives and breathes NW beer culture and is partial to West Coast IPAs, though he also enjoys a good Saison, Kolch, or Pils. He lives in NE Portland with his wife, Sarah. Together, they spend much of their time figuring out how to be parents to their new daughter, Davey. So far, so good! Joel's favorite thing about Portland is the way folks are constantly trying to make their piece of the city just a little better.

Ex Novo Brew - Devin Vaughn

Devin Vaughn

Vice President

Devin spent his early years in Spokane, Washington and earned his undergraduate from Whitworth University. He moved to Portland in 2006 to complete a Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy at George Fox University and is currently a clinical supervisor at a residential treatment center for at-risk boys. A late bloomer to the beer scene, Devin's been making up for lost time and enjoys experiencing all that Portland has to offer. Laurelwood Workhorse and Cascade Kriek are his favorites. Devin also enjoys hanging with the Evergreen Community, running, and rooting for the always-a-letdown Seattle Mariners and Seahawks. More importantly, he is husband to Larissa and father to Everett and Harper. Devin gets excited when thinking about a brewery that not only makes great beer, but also changes Portland and the world for the better.

Ex Novo Brew - Paul Sari

Paul Sari


Paul Sari was born and raised in Longview, Washington and studied finance at Gonzaga University. He spent two years working in business development in the Peace Corps in Ghana, West Africa and returned to the States to complete an MBA at Notre Dame and to pursue work in the renewable energy industry. Paul spends his free time chasing Northwest Steelhead and enjoying the outdoors with his wife, Stephanie, and their dog. He enjoys brown ales and a selection of local Oregon brews and is excited about the mission of Ex Novo and the potential for creating positive change in the world. His favorite thing about the people of Portland is their dedication to cycling and active lifestyles.

Ex Novo Brew - Mike Alpert

Mike Alpert

Proudly originating from Dallas, Texas, Mike made his way to Portland in 2004 after finishing his bachelor’s at Texas A&M University. He held analyst positions with various companies around town in the financial services and energy sectors while earning his MBA from Portland State University. In the last few years, Mike has chipped away at an MA from George Fox University and has transitioned into a second career in education. He’s passionate about preserving and improving both our local and global environment for future generations. When he’s not playing music or out for a run through the SW hills, he can be found sampling Joel’s home-made concoctions, preferring pales and IPAs.

Ex Novo Brew - Dustin Bagby

Dustin Bagby

Dustin grew up in Central Illinois where he attended Lincoln Christian University and studied theology and Bible. He completed his MDiv at Western Seminary in 2009. While he was helping to start a church in New York City in 2002, he stumbled upon a pub in the village with a plethora of taps where he became a huge beer geek. In 2006, upon arriving in Portland, Dustin began homebrewing, a passion that continues. He appreciates a wide variety of styles, but if he could only drink one for the rest of his life, it would be an IPA. Dustin also loves sour beers and hopes Ex Novo has a sour program in the future… He says, “I’m excited to participate in Ex Novo because it combines my passion of Christian love and justice with brewing beer. I could not have imagined earlier in my life that such a pairing was possible. I long for the world to be a just place and if starting a pub can contribute, even in small ways, then I want to do whatever it takes to help it succeed.”

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Ex Novo is looking to raise money to help with start-up costs in opening the brewery. Money donated/lent will have a regenerative impact as we continue to donate profits to improve our community and create positive social change.