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“Ex Novo” means “from new” or “comes from scratch” in Latin

When Ex Novo first opened it’s doors in 2014, they were the first nonprofit brewery in the US. Their mission was simple, to brew great beer and to use our business as a platform for good in our community and across the globe.

Ex Novo Brewing Company places a strong emphasis on smaller, community-driven initiatives by collaborating with non-profits and foundations that have a direct impact on their local communities. They go beyond traditional support by donating beer for special events, showcasing organizations and their causes on beer labels, prioritizing the well-being of their employees, and creating inclusive spaces that foster community engagement. Through these efforts, Ex Novo Brewing Company consistently upholds its commitment to doing good in all aspects of their brewing operations.

Ex Novo Brewing Company is located in both Portland, OR and Corrales, NM for personal and strategic reasons. The founders, Joel and Sarah Gregory, initially opened the brewery and taproom in Portland while they were living in the area. Being based in Portland allowed them to tap into the vibrant craft beer culture and establish a presence in a city known for its thriving beer scene. However, in 2019, the couple decided to move back to their hometown of Corrales, NM, to be closer to family and create a second Ex Novo Brewing Company location. This decision not only allowed them to reconnect with their roots but also offered an opportunity to expand their business and bring their unique craft beer offerings to a new market. By having locations in both Portland and Corrales, Ex Novo Brewing Company can cater to different customer bases and benefit from the distinct characteristics and preferences of each location.

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Yes, during each winter solstice, we unveil our highly anticipated Kill The Sun bourbon barrel-aged stout series. When you opt for the gift package, you’ll receive a special KTS Challenger coin as a token of appreciation. This unique coin grants you a discount of $1 on your personal pints or entitles you to a complimentary 5oz taster on every visit.

Please contact Caroline at [email protected] to discuss partnering with Ex Novo Brewing Company and be featured as one of our partners!

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